Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Google Game - Coding

Today LS2 played the new google game. You play as a rabbit and you have use coding to get the rabbit to the carrots. To do the coding, you have to put the arrows into the bar and when you press the play button (The orange circle with the triangle in the middle of it), the rabbit moves in the direction the arrow is pointing. Your objective is to get the rabbit to all of the carrots.

Maths - Geometry

For maths today, we were doing some geometry coordination. First of all, we had to complete four pages of reading maps. Some of the tasks were pretty easy like: Draw a snake in the jungle and draw a road from toptown to hilltown. Then, we were given a piece paper with instructions and a piece of paper with a half completed dog. Our challenge was to follow the instructions to complete the dog. We then had to color the dog in. For this task, we had to remember and use the ladder rule (You can't go up and across but you can go across then up).

Monday, 4 December 2017

Tech Reflection

Every week, on a Friday morning the year sevens and eights go to Tamaki College for tech. So far this year, we have had three rotations. For the year eights, our rotations were (In this order), Food tech, graphics and hard materials. In food tech, we learnt to cook and we made some amazing things like chocolate truffles and quiches. In graphics we designed and painted our own clock and in hard materials we made our own stained glass design. A big thanks to the three teachers that taught us: Mrs Heka (Food tech), Ms Ferguson (Graphics) and Mr Grundy (Hard materials).

Summer Learning Journey

On Friday, Hazel (One of the people running the summer learning journey) came to Panmure Bridge school to talk to us about the Summer Learning Journey that is happening over the Christmas holidays. The program contains loads of different activities. It starts on the 18th of December and finishes on the 26th of January. The top three bloggers from each school will be given a prize when the points are all added up. It is a great opportunity for students as they will keep their reading levels up over the summer.

Social Science

On Friday, the year seven and eights stayed at Tamaki College after tech to go to three different classes - Social Science, PE and Robotics. Social Science was taught by Ms Apelu, PE was taught by Mr Moyes and Robotics was taught by Mr Dunn. I was in Social Sciences with Ms Apelu. First of all, we played a game called Perused which is where you are in a city and you have to look around and find clues to find out where you are. After that, we went onto a website called Google Earth and found a place where Mrs Anderson could go for her vacation. Jay-don and I found a place called the Cleveland Metro parks Zoo, in Ohio. We then had to write a letter saying why we think Mrs Anderson should go to the place we have chosen for her vacation.

Dear Mrs Anderson,
We have been researching different locations for your next holiday. We think you should go to Cleveland Metro parks Zoo, in Ohio because it is a huge (183 acre) zoo with many exotic and interesting animals like the Emerald Tree Boa and the Capybara. It would be the perfect place to relax and get some awesome pictures for your social media. I hope this persuades you to have your vacation at the Cleveland Metro parks Zoo. 

Jay-Don and Daniel.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fire Station Trip

On Tuesday LS1 and LS2 went to the Panmure Fire Station. We learnt about Fire trucks and the different tools and mechanisms that they have (Ladders, pumps, hoses). The firefighters also demonstrated how they got someone out of a car if they are trapped inside of it (They used the glass cutters and spreaders to take apart the car). It was really cool and interesting watching them remove the windscreen without making it shatter. Everyone had a great time and had loads of fun. 

Fire Station - Summary

On Tuesday, LS1 and LS2 went down to the Panmure Fire Station. Our inquiry for this term is our community so we have been learning about the different places in our community. After the trip, we came back to school and wrote a summary about our experience. First of all, we (I was working with Te Wai, Nazella and Shakaia) got twenty words that we thought were important, then we got six words from the first twenty words and used them to write a summary about firefighters.